Open letter to Tommy Robinson. All of them.

Dear Tommy,

How you doing? We probably haven’t met before so best clear up any misconceptions right off the bat; I’m not Tommy – I’m Graham. I realise this may be a tad confusing given all the Tommys; I do bear a passing resemblance to Brown Haired Tommy as well as being somewhat of a doppelganger for both White Tommy #4 and White Tommy #843. Hopefully you haven’t mixed me up with Racist Tommy #38 – that’d be awkward.

I Googled “Tommy Robinson” and it came back with some bloke called Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. I have no idea why, I guess Google is broken.

Anyway Tommy, pleased to make your acquaintance. Though regrettably I’m informed that this correspondence finds you struggling amidst troubled times. Word on the street is that Tommy is currently banged up in prison? At least one of you is. Either way, it doesn’t sound good and, with the latest word amongst the Tommys being murmurs of a press blackout, my interest has sufficiently piqued in order for me to delve further into this proverbial shitheap of Tommy’s – and I’m happy to share my findings with you.

The faeces had barely encrusted my fingernails before the first informative nugget of dung was uncovered:

I’d say the applicable Tommy should thank his lucky stars to escape the big house.

My my, whatever is this? Sounds like you’ve been up to some typical tom boy tomfoolery, Tommy – in your down time from being a serious journalist. Well, if the Tommy in question is one of the journalist Tommys. There’s probably a few of them.

In any event I was very disappointed in Tommy (yes – that means you, Tommy), though remained curiously undecided on the nature of your punishment. You’d think I’d have been happy for you to maintain your freedom, it being a commodity that is rightfully cherished – but I couldn’t help but fear that this wouldn’t be the last the court system would see of Tommy Robinson.

Still, as you left court a free man, there was one explicit warning left ever ringing in your ears:

Huh, I guess they got Tommy mixed up with that Yaxley-Lennon character again. Maybe he’s a Tommy too?

Seems straight forward enough; they’ll let you off this time, but should Tommy Yaxley-McCartney decide to piss pejoratives all over judicial proceedings once more – it’s the slammer for you. Or Tommy. Maybe both.

Despite this apparent clarity as we jump forward to the here and now, not only have the Tommys swelled in number (as if spawned into life by the re-lit flame of apparent persecution) but they’re also mad. Pissing pejoratives mad.

At first glance I mistook that for a rolled up copy of the Daily Mail in Tommy’s back pocket – ready to beat down the establishment with the words of media moguls who run the establishment.

In a sense I can’t really blame Tommy (or Tommy) for becoming enraged – there’s nothing to stoke the fires of purpose quite like a perceived injustice and it’s actually unsurprising that Tommy feels that way. After all, there’s been a press blackout regarding your recent arrest, Tommy – at least initially. Whether this is simply standard practice for a case like this, I don’t know. I’m perhaps not as educated as some of the Tommys out there so my opinion on this matter is close to worthless but, with this lack of knowledge in mind, it does seem a tad odd.

Nevertheless, good fortune awaited. For, despite the efforts of those opium smoking, ivory tower dwellers who love nothing more than to keep an honest Tommy down, many a citizen journalist took up the reporting mantle and were right on hand to document a miscarriage of justice in action – Tommy’s miscarriage of justice, affecting Tommys across the globe.

Selfie of the year, bitchaz. Or whatever the cool kids say these days. I’m old.

Now you know me Tommy, I’m always willing to give you a fair shake of the dice, nor am I one to spread wild aspersions with joyful abandon – but that very much looks to me that you’ve been hanging around a courthouse as evidence was being given; for over an hour. Now call me crazy (or Tommy), Tommy, but this sounds very much like what you were given a suspended sentence for back in 2017 – a suspended sentence that included the condition that if you didn’t refrain from causing similar scenes at courthouses you’d find the suspension lifted and spend a year in jail.

Now Tommy may very well protest, saying “Hang on, press blackout and a lightening quick conviction? This all seems very odd indeed” in his cheery Lutonian chirp. Indeed that presents a quandary of sort. Short of actually being there or having an informant on the inside, there’s no way of really knowing what went down as you were bundled into the back of a police van.

Well, apart from the livestream you transmitted to the world. That probably helped in the decision to put you away.


So that’s about the face of it Tommy, looks like you inadvertently triggered the shit sandwich coupon you were granted last year. However the shit sandwich isn’t really the problem here. It is perhaps best to approach you from a purely ideological standpoint and narrowing it down to the specifics of the matter at hand – the spate of historical child grooming cases. Now in many ways I’d find myself with you, albeit with a copious helpings of asterisks and disclaimers – but yes, these tales of child grooming gangs that are coming to the fore after remaining undetected for a staggering amount of time are fucking horrific. As with all folk with the capacity for empathy, I have nothing but sympathy for the victims and unremitting contempt for the perpetrators. I’d also agree that serious questions must be asked as to how this was allowed to go unnoticed for so long; apathy at this point would be despicable.

I do however, have one very serious problem – the approach you took.

The fallout from your Friday skirmish with the police can be defined by two particular facets. The first being your part which, oddly enough, is arguably the least damaging. No need to go over old ground, basically if a judge tells you not to cause a scene outside a courthouse then don’t cause a scene outside a courthouse. Judges are proud, fiercely intelligent people – they’re not to be fucked with.

However it’s a potential consequence of your actions that lead into nicely into the next, somewhat heftier piece of debris – the hijacking of the narrative and, more pertinently, the potential it has to throw the very case you were “reporting” on into disrepute.

No it hasn’t.

As noted prior, it didn’t take long for a dominant narrative to prevail. Aided perhaps by the press blackout and nothing official to counter them, the Tommys quickly established a bleak, authorisation image of a totalitarian dystopia scooped right out of Orwell’s own brain. “Tommy is a political prisoner!” shouted Tommy, prompting another Tommy to tweet similar sentiments for the next Tommy to retweet. All it took was a few, ever so devious tweets from the odd well known bullshit dispenser and boom – the narrative is now contaminated before the truth has even got his trousers on; perhaps fatally so.

Though once again, this is far from the most pressing concern to spawn from this clusterfuck – that accolade belongs to the effect it could potentially have on the case. While we’re perhaps worlds apart in terms of politics and values Tommy, there are odd instances where our mindsets somewhat align. I’m sure you want justice to be served as much as I do, the same almost certainly being the case with your many namesakes. But that is precisely why causing a disruption outside a courthouse in the midst of a trial is a really stupid idea should you have any interest in a fair hearing, especially if you’ve already been told not to less than a year ago. A similar plea goes out to your identically named supporters; whether intentionally or otherwise, the narrative has become about Tommy as opposed to the cause he claimed to represent – and, as with everything involving Tommy Robinson, an excruciatingly tiresome circus is set to follow. A circus precisely of the sort this trial could well do without.

It’s understandable that emotions run high at times like this. The crimes we’re dealing with here are unfathomable in their horror and too fucking right I want justice to be served. But, as flawed a system as the British criminal justice system can sometimes be, for it to have any chance of granting a fair trial to all concerned then a certain amount of trust has to be offered – begrudgingly or otherwise.

After the verdict has been reached and the dust has settled, if you still feel that a miscarriage of justice has taken place then knock yourself out. Make your voice heard and use all method of protest available to you within the limits of the law – it’s your right after all. But don’t litter an ongoing trial with pejoratives and conjecture; not only is it in nobody’s interest, it also gives the distinct impression that you’re more in this for a stab at an ideological victory rather than the pursuit of justice.

Besides, the last thing you’d want to do is to derail the trial completely. That wouldn’t put you in the good books amongst the other Tommys.

Especially you, Tommy.




One thought on “Open letter to Tommy Robinson. All of them.”

  1. Well since no one else sees fit to comment, please allow me…


    Your sarcasm is deafening. Your sick indulgence in self-appointment as “the” scribe taking upon yourself the authority to “re-frame” the scene of Mr. Robinson’s plight – purposefully changing,actually, the context of this narrative here, likely doing so for your ego, choosing to “expose” “TOMMY” while you mock this issue and mock Tommy. You rant on, given, in an indisputably skilled artistic way, as “Tommy” faces what must certainly be his most trying, terrifying, and, as well, his most painful scourging to-date… simply pathetic.

    Oh, you are such a hero! For sure, pounding out your blatant judgment from the comfort of your workstation. Look at you. Wow, yeah, you’re amazing. Yes, the horror of grooming gangs is reality. So many can finally see it now. So many who at one time, wrote “Tommy” off as a heretic for talking about them. Are you forgetting that it was mainly HIS determination to hammer home the reports? The mainstream wasn’t reporting this! There was a time not very long ago when mention of it was like talking about a Yeti. Except the world now knows they are real, right? Thanks in large part to the citizen-journalism of who? Right, you are such a hero, I know, wait. Let me look around here and see if there are some accolades lying around I can bestow upon you… wait… Oh yeah, nevermind. You’re a jerk for writing this. Largely you commerce in the obvious and raise an offense for a legal process which should never have been levied against Tommy in the first place. Thank you very much.

    I imagine, though, it must indeed have been very deeply gratifying in some respect, for Tommy, now, beginning to see his hard work pay off. Seeing his sacrifice and nigh unto his “martyr-ish-labors” validated. Evidenced even, by these trials now on-going. Not to mention the public acknowledgments of the hate crimes, rapes and grooming stories he has been shouting about loud and purposefully to expose them for what they were for a very long time. But you, you little pip-squeak, ought to allow him that. I completely understand him looking for some clips, a little footage to post as an exclamation mark to what he does. Which is expose creeps like these pedophiles in court. You should as well. But, no! What do you do instead? Really? You dig up some old public record that threatens a suspended sentence for three months if he is ever found doing this again? Then you rant away? How about you just go by his channel. Look at his media, he has done thousands (ok maybe not thousands, but still lots and lots) of bits just like this, and some even much more intense, since receiving that suspended sentence. What a joke. That Judge is a terrible and a small person. And so are you. Really? Don’t mess with Judges? Even if they are tiny little power hungry egotistical maniacs whose insensitive treatment of Tommy Robinson exposes their own propensities to be given to personal agendas? You, sir, must then, be quite a wimp in real life eh?

    You sanctimonious jackel, seeing as how Mr. Robinson/Mr. Yaxley-Lennon is on the “front lines” in a war to re-patriat his nation – to effectually take back their national identity as a Christian nation, you owe him respect. It is horrible that many nations need to be in this war, but never the less it’s an attack that must be answered. You must, unless you are willing to let your own Christian identity be easily taken from you, you better be ready to stand up and fight. In Tommy’s region today, on that score, they are finally done with it. A true case of silent no more. And you are just seeing the tip of it buddy. They are finally getting around to dealing with the reality that somehow, they’ve kept quiet for far too long now, foolishly allowing an aggressive and radical faction among Muslims with their own immigrant ideology, to sneak in an attempt to violently take over. “Tommy,” has done/is doing great work to halt the flow of radical-Muslim domination in the name of their holy war against Western, Judeo-Christianity. The many ideologies that foster a “rape-culture,” again, hear me when I say that – thanks largely in part to “Tommy” – and patriots like him, we know today that “rape culture” is NOT a fable or myth.

    It’s context? Largely the radical-Muslim religion, ideas taken from radicals, taught and espoused out of the Koran. Thanks to “Tommy” the world now knows this. The many immigrant “Radical-Mohammed-ites” would have us believe something else about “grooming gangs” but they have failed to silence “Tommy” and now a religious fervor, plowed up by tines of “pseudo-religio-huberous”, and then sown in hatred, finally, cast abroad within a global mission thinly guised, and they are demanding acceptance. What’s worse is Western Nations have and continue to accommodate this. Despite the narratives. They are characterized by the use of phrases such as: “convert by the sword,” “decapitate the infidel”, and “kill all Jews and their sympathizers”, all doctrine and missions birthed by a pedophile. Yet, somehow palatable to a communist-centric, leftist, globalist proponent. Wow. To even begin to imagine that Western Judeo-Christian cultures have erred and made as much room for this mentality in the name of assimilation, as it already has, is a staggering thought. The idea that it has taken this long for a “Tommy” to gain traction is also an equally staggering thought.

    Throughout the decades/centuries the allure of religious error, that gave rise to Mohammad and Koran, espousing the veiled doctrines of violence and hatred in turn espoused by cultural assimilation has not only been an enticement for those professing a broader mindset seeking fodder for political leverage to assimilate societies, but has also sauntered unchecked right into Europe as well as spreading through-out untold various other countries, not the least concern for which, America finds herself amongst. A deceptive propagation of an ideology that has mostly run unchecked as the result of the doctrines of “political correctness” and “modernization” and a mentality of “not wanting to offend” rides high on various agendas associated with “globalization,” “global warming” etc. This somehow works for many on the left. Succeeding, despite the putrid stench which rises from the arrogance of “acceptance in the name of tolerance” it’s eroding the character of many nations.

    And now here you are sitting high up, comfortably, in your own glass tower tapping out judgment against Tommy on your computer. In many respects, you’re promoting these ideologies. You know, I’m guessing here, that probably all the while enamored with your “big brain” because it makes you feel better about yourself, and after all, you MUST be intensely aware that it will garner support from your leftist media buddies and enthusiasts. However, a great many more of us who completely support “Tommy,” myself, for instance, are grateful that Tommy has been there working diligently to expose this cancer and red-pill them that need it. The truest conspiracies are being exposed today more than ever – MOSTLY – by the unrelenting work and the commitment of heroes like “Tommy”.

    I don’t know you, I have to admit it I don’t. Maybe I’m being a little hard on you. Maybe. And, I certainly also readily admit that I’m not perfect for sure, either. Maybe I take you wrong? Maybe I read too much into your letter? I don’t know, and perhaps you are actually someone who really does care about truth and the larger picture, and after all, you might even care a little about what is being done to Tommy? I wouldn’t know, but after reading your open letter, which was really excellently written, by the way. Yeah, but the power of which, the writing skill and your giftings are tragically aimed at the wrong target. What a waste. You have applied your quill to the wrong cause.

    Now aside from what I DON’T know, I DO know this: … You don’t “get it.” For all your skills and intellect, you just don’t seem to really fathom what is actually going on in our world today. You are missing the larger significance of why good people are rising up in defense of Tommy. You see, when Tommy stood up, FINALLY someone was pointing at a big ol’ elephant, which is present in the room. Finally, despite being unpopular in his early days, SOMEBODY was rising up to try to stop the flow of unchecked immigration. Somebody was finally taking a stand against the subtle-boiling-a-frog-in-a-beaker-type of invasion and subversion of his Western Culture from within, in a Western Nation. With Tommy’s stand against what he saw as wrong, he is inspiring all of us to make our voices heard and to take our own stand against what is wrong in all of our own communities. Point to take away? Do what you can, as you know it is right proper to do so. Don’t let fear of reprisal or violence keep you quiet.

    Although I am fairly certain that, though not nearly as gifted as a writer as you obviously are, I am probably not capable of changing your opinion in this. I’m actually kind of reacting here, shooting from the hip as it were,(yeah, I’m a little worked up about what you wrote) but I digress, it’s this: I suspect your arrogance won’t allow you to truly consider what I am really saying here. And maybe I’m saying it all, badly. That’s possible I suppose, but, I am NOT going to sit idly by after reading your diatribe against a man who, though admittedly is far from perfect himself, still gives us his own personal best to stand up on the front lines every single day and be counted. “Tommy,” and you know exactly to whom I refer, along with his family, and friends has paid a dear price and is still paying a price for protecting the freedom of speech that is currently being eroded away daily. A freedom that someone who can write like you can, ought not to take for granted. A freedom you better get to defending before you lose it. A freedom, Mr. Yaxley-Lennon is fighting the battle for. You owe him your respect, not this gross contempt you are displaying for his work.

    It is a big deal that the trial is allowed to proceed without being “derailed”, yes it is. And it is. (the trial that is, going along without corruption) From what I read, the trial ended just fine. Tommy has not hindered it at all. That being said, It is also a great big deal that a man who has fought to expose the insidiousness of the rape culture and the erosion of free speech, creeping sharia, and other heinous acts not be jailed for doing so. Tommy’s battle has been honest and the many things he was accused of lying about or unfairly treated like a lunatic “conspiracy theorist” for, when all along he was one hundred percent on the mark, hitting the nail squarely on the head and calling spades spades. Get my point? All in the name of what? Political Correctness? Was it apathetic neglect for the plight of those who were raped? Was it some weird delusion of a sort that made people ignore that their gift of a free Christian culture was being destroyed that caused them to side with the perpetrators with their silence towards the groomers, and pedophiles and intolerances of Tommy’s clear and glaringly accurate journalism? Was it jealousy from other journalists within the mainstream? All working and reporting, slanting and spinning Tommy’s work to right wrongs amongst a community he loves and could see the fight ahead of him for what it really was, in the proper context, without the politics, boiling it down to where his neighbors lived. Boiling the issues down to the “rights, and wrongs” of what was really going on in Luton.

    He IS a REAL REPORTER! “A tremendously talented Joe Journalist.” Yes, a powerful “citizen-reporter” so much better than those “politico-whores” who’ve made their living lapping up the cool-aid from unspoken “leftist” directives “mind-melded together at major mainstream networks like the BBS – NBC – BBC – CNN – CBC – and many, many other “lefting” trolls who relish in pandering to “left-agendized” appropriations of power and spin.

    Now, it might just be me, but such as it is, in my humble opinion, after reading your peice? I tend to believe you are just too full of yourself to grasp the bigger picture here. In spite of my desire to just ignore your mean-spirited article, I have concluded that I couldn’t just let this “public letter to Tommy” pass without telling you emphatically that this is – – to at least, “say the least,” your articles in bad taste. You are kicking a man who is down. And that is not right. Although, there will be so many “left-tards” who will love you for what you have said, still, despite your little agrandizments of purpose, and efforts to sound like you “relate to the scene – BUT… “, or that you somehow identify with the “good and just cause” that the larger than life (way larger than you for sure) “Tommy” stands for, feel you have some higher moral ground than he does, and you posture yourself as someone who has a right to scold the man and accuse him of mis-appropiating attention. You are just wrong to write against him. Although he’s (Tommy that is) not perfect, you should rather put that gift to work defending him, and helping to strengthen and spread the work he has begun.

    The WORLD can NOT afford to lose the voice of “TOMMY ROBINSON” AKA Mr. Yaxley-Lennon, a simple man, also a true Patriot – courageous enough to position himself on the front line. He’s boldly putting himself out there. He’s giving a voice to the truth, all the while, some people, perhaps such as yourself, are only busy applying themselves to causing glorious nations built on decent, Judeo-Christian principles and moralities, to languish. While “Tommy Robinson” pays the price they lounge behind their apathy, far too concerned in my opinion, about tainting their “left-oriented careers or reputations” to risk speaking in defense of the man. Too busy with professional development and resumes to stand up in that foul swamp, the grotesque mire that IS today’s mainstream media at large, too terrified to rock the boat and maybe lose favour by reporting on those various crimes, or the gross radical-Muslim invasion, that calls for so many acts of “jihad” that glorify lying and deceptions in their war that encourages sick twisted depraved men who hate, who sidle up and feighn friendships under the auspices of a pseudo-integration” a mock assimilation and feigned ignorance, often hiding behind a language barrier, while in truth, some, the radical ones, are subverting and planting their daggers in the back of Western Morality and Principles. Hatred, not tolerance. Driving LGBTQ? off rooftops, murdering, lobbying creeping religious Sharia laws, putting on an act to lull into sleep the so-called tolerant, politically correct, gullible, guilt-ridden, soy-sopped, brain-washed, media worshipping, entertainment thirsty, Shangri-la-seeking, NRA-hating, ad-nauseam.

    I could go on, but I have given enough to make my case I think. And I am more than eager to defend any of these statements to those who disagree with me. You see, like Tommy, I am standing up now. I will do whatever my part is to become part of the solution for freedom, of speech, religions, lifestyle, the pursuit of happiness, the building of my family and community and a great many other privileges I personally enjoy in our Western Judeo-CHRISTIAN nation.


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