Don’t blame me – I’m just the Prime Minister

This whole Brexit business is a bit complicated, isn’t it? Every day our pitifully inadequate human minds are bombarded with talk of trade deals, peculiar jargon relating to so called “backstops” and generally obscure organisations such as the WTO, which everyone now claims to have a complete and total understanding of.

With such befuddlement abound,  it is then of little wonder that many a yawning chasm of opportunity have arose. Specifically to drown the narrative with a deluge of spurious proclamations which, despite having absolutely no basis in any manner of recognisable reality, would be most beneficial if they were actually believed.

Spurious proclamations such as this one, for example:

Call me old fashioned, but I consider it more sporting to blame the party which instigated this ill advised Brexit caper in the first place.

In truth, the attempts to spin this particular web of deceit have been ongoing for a considerable period – though now the moment we’ve spent the best part of three years failing to prepare for is right around the corner, the desperation has become considerably more palpable.

Nevertheless, despite it being a cowardly tactic so blatant it’s visible from the outer reaches of the Solar System, this hasn’t stopped ghoulish demagogue Theresa May from snatching it up in her claws and positioning it right at the centre of her risible negotiation strategy.

Irrespective of whether it makes sense or not.

They’re not the only ones.

May has been very eager to portray those in Brussels as being intransigent to the point of callousness, baiting the pesky eurocrats with mindless posturing and jingoistic rhetoric whenever accountability draws near or she feels the need to placate the unrelenting numbskulls in the ERG, but this apparently masterful smokescreen has one fatal weakness – reality.

To say May’s been inflexible in her approach doesn’t quite do the situation justice, with the task of averting her aim towards anything even remotely sensible being akin to towing a mountain with a unicycle. Having the courage to stick to your guns is one thing, but keeping the blinkers firmly in place for the sole purpose of shielding your eyes from the glaring, irrevocable flaws in your plan is tantamount to insanity – the madness most notably manifesting itself through a painfully limited selection of poxy soundbites, which were repeated ad nauseam whenever any member of Parliament tried pointing out that the ointment being pushed was actually swarming with flies.

“I hear what my right honourable friend is saying, but have they considered that Brexit means Brexit?”

As laughably inept as her premiership has been, rejecting any possible solution out of hand while she stubbornly steers her ever faltering bandwagon towards a brick wall, she is at least savvy enough to realise that what actually happens is somewhat of a side concern – the key battleground she needs to seize is that of the prevailing narrative.

It’s not exactly a secret as to how crucial an element this becomes in shaping the public perception of reality – take a look at the referendum campaign which started this maelstrom of misery for example. It mattered little that the European Union aren’t actually an evil cabal of neo-Nazis set to swipe your daily portion of sovereignty right from your plate and cultivate a superstate based on a strain of fascism 2.0 which Hitler could have only dreamt of – once the absurd notion had sufficiently permeated the discourse it was too late; the debate was already taking place, minds were made up and dubious pundits dispatched to ensure the poison became eternally rooted in the zeitgeist.

“To validate the cretinous babblings of one ahistorical philistine, here’s another.”

The week ahead is likely to be the death knell for May’s deal. Near universally despised, the chances of it limping over the line, torn apart and eviscerated as it is, are next to nil – and there’s only one person to blame.

Even putting aside the colossal timescale in which it was ineptly crafted, there have been many crossroads along the way; points at which a semblance of humility could have been offered and an infinitely more credible path taken – but May resisted every step of the way; instead opting to plough ahead with the unworkable, forever pandering to the fruit-loop subsection of her party whose unwavering belligerence caused the fatal schism in the first place.

Her failure now all but inevitable, enlisting her faithful stooges to overclock the propaganda machine isn’t to aid the passing of her deal, but rather to lay the groundwork upon which a plethora of lamentable excuses can be laid.

As with the anti EU sentiment which facilitated Brexit in the first place, whatever scraps of credibility May has going forward are once again dependent on the majority chowing down on that very same slab of red meat; the EU once again taking the hit on a failure which was entirely down to Britain.

How very Brexit.


2 thoughts on “Don’t blame me – I’m just the Prime Minister”

  1. Well said. What a sorry state of political affairs at Westminster. Would be laughable if not tragic for the next 50 years of the disunited Kingdom of GB&NI.

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